Reaper is an American television series that focuses on Sam Oliver, a “reaper” who works for the Devil by retrieving souls that have escaped from Hell. In this series Armie Hammer has an important role: he plays the role of Morgan. He is the son of The Devil, and Sam’s (alleged) paternal half brother. He first appears in “The Favorite”, where the Devil bails him out of jail using Sam’s lottery winnings. Since The Devil feels that Morgan is unmotivated, he orders Sam to take Morgan on a reap in the hopes that Sam’s good work ethics rub off. While Morgan is and always has been the Devil’s favourite of the 2 sons so far introduced (Sam and Morgan) he is growing increasingly unsure of the situation, because while Morgan behaves as the Devil would like, he has little to no desire to work. Sam, in contrast, though he regularly complains and defies the Devil, always “gets the job done.” In “The Good Soil,” he attempts to bribe Sam with money into capturing a soul and giving him the credit. He takes back his money after Sam turns in the dodgeball vessel with a corpse and later in the episode captures the soul himself with the vessel. In “The Home Stretch”, The Devil challenges Sam and Morgan to a contest, in which whoever returned the soul back to Hell would become his right-hand man. When Sam accidentally wins the contest, The Devil takes everything from Morgan, and he swears revenge against Sam. In a rage, Morgan pulls a gun on Sam, but is killed by Nina and other surrounding demons, and sent straight to Hell. The Devil has stated that he is repeatedly crying out Sam’s name whilst being tortured.